Allegheny West

Allegheny West is a neighborhood located in North Philadelphia. It is named after an association formed by Pep Boys and Tasty Baking Company, among others.  Its location is in the vicinity of Allegheny Avenue on the western side of Broad Street.



Like many neighborhoods in North Philadelphia, Allegheny West is primarily a poor African-American enclave that has suffered post-industrial decline and disinvestment. It faced one of the largest population losses of any neighborhood in Philadelphia between the 1990 and 2000 census. Vacant industrial sites, such as those once used to build commuter rail trains by The Budd Company, have in recent years been used in film productions.



An older neighborhood name formerly in use within the Allegheny West area was Swampoodle. The name is now archaic, although SEPTA’s proposed Swampoodle Connection was named for it as recently as the 1980s.  Swampoodle was defined as “the junction of three railroad lines, Lehigh Avenue and 22nd Streets.”

Cause 7 Aint Enough

“Cause 7 Aint Enough”

Party On

“Party On”

Fo' Sale

“Fo’ Sale”


Fairhill is a neighborhood on the east side of the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Fairhill is bordered by Front Street to the east, Germantown Avenue (10th Street) to the west, Allegheny Avenue to the north, and Cumberland Street to the south.



The neighborhood serves as the center of the Hispanic community of Philadelphia, and is known for its “El Centro de Oro” commercial strip along North 5th Street. The neighborhood is also the center of the Philadelphia Badlands.

Wave Goodbye

“Wave Goodbye”

Fairhill is adjacent to Harrowgate and West Kensington to the east, Hartranft to the south, Glenwood to the west, and Hunting Park to the north.

Bike Tree

“Bike Tree”

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