On Monday, July 9th my new studio location in East Kensington officially opens for business. Here I will be offering professional instruction and / or DIY film development and scanning.
Whether you’re new to photography or you’ve been at it for years and would like to boost your knowledge, my one-on-one instruction will help you. I promise to make you a better photographer and to teach you how to take professional-quality photos, or learn some new skills.


Instructional services include:

  • Basic Photography – Film or Digital Capture
  • Advanced Photography – Film or Digital Capture
  • Adobe Lightroom Instruction
  • Flash Photography
  • Professional Critiques
  • Analog film development & scanning – both traditional B&W and color
Do you love to shoot film but hate the high cost and delays associated with processing?
Do it yourself for a lot less money & hassle. I offer a fully equipped facility, stocked with all the equipment & chemistry necessary to develop your own images. Whether its traditional B&W, C-41 or even E-6 color film, you can now tackle it all.
Standard developers stocked include the following:
  • Kodak HC-110
  • Kodak TMAX
  • Agfa Rodinal
  • Diafine 2 Part
  • Arista C-41
  • Arista E-6

All chemistry is included in our hourly rate – just bring your film, and your time. Unprocessed film is basically like a time capsule that contains precious memories. Get those film canisters developed before you lose all those precious memories, or killer images.

Check out www.tonyjuliano.com/ for details and to reserve times.