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Streets of Philadelphia

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Khadijah’s Love Café

Khadijah is busily cooking dinners for what she hopes will be almost 20 people. She has carefully set up sterno trays along her dining room table. She is preparing turkey wings, parmesan encrusted salmon, fried fish, beef short ribs, baked macaroni and cheese, and collard greens just to name a few. Meals were packed and served with a choice of corn bread or a dinner roll. She named her business “Ken’s Kitchen” after her daughter, Kennedi, and titled the menu, “Soul Food Sundays.” Their slogan is, “We specialize in cooking with love, and want our customers to feel loved and valued.”

Maria’s Story

If you wandered into DiBruno Brothers in Rittenhouse …you might have Maria as your server.
But there’s so much more to Maria, more than you would ever imagine. I will spare you the most brutal details, although no one spared Maria.
I will tell you enough, so you’ll always remember: